Cambridge Academy of Translation UK  is an independent academy for translators chartered under the laws of the United Kingdom. CAT UK aims at unifying international translators and interpreters of all languages and providing a platform for certifying, training, research and job placement. CAT is open for international partnerships with translation and interpretation institutes in different countries and regions to meet the needs of both the translators and the market.

Aside from translation qualifications, Cambridge Academy of Translation UK also takes pride in TESOL training & certification, language proficiency tests & certification, and language skill certification in specific areas.

The submitted activities to the government upon association incorporation was as below:
A professional academy in conducting research and training activities related to the field of translation. Admit members and offer memberships to people with the right qualifications and skills relevant to the skill of translation and interpretation.
CAT UK is a professional organisation with a global vision. CAT conducts research and studies on translation and interpretation, recognises and awards translation companies and translation schools, hosts forums and meetings on relevant issues, accredits translators through trainings & exams, accredits translator training in different languages and locations. To meet local needs, CAT is open for cooperations and chapters worldwide.

Members can seek for training and certification to be a qualified translator; A confident translator can apply for CAT diploma and certification through tests; Employers and translators and meet via CAT;  Professionals and institutes can work with CAT under a partnership to meet needs in due region and language .

Cambridge Academy of Translation UK builds a bridge of languages and connects the world.