CAT-DIT, Diploma of Interpreter Trainer (CAT level Ⅴ-B, top level)

CAT-DIT holders are conference interpreters who have not only acquired professional skills in translation and interpretation, but also have conducted studies and research on international TESOL, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. DIT is a dual certification program and a DIT candidate will have to proceed to a TESOL module after completing CAT-CI and CAT-SIC. CAT-DIT sets high standards for candidates as they are expected to achieve goals not only as excellent interpreters but also as interpreter trainers who know well how to cultivate future interpreters.

The TESOL in DIT is a NVQ equivalent certificate from EDI UK under Pearson Education Group.

CAT-DIT is credit-transferrable to some MTI graduate degree studies. 

Exam structure
CAT-DIT is conferred, upon application, to any candidate successfully secured both certifications: CAT-TESOL, CAT-DTI.